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When your working life is busy and exciting, it’s easy to forget to pause for a moment and take stock of how lucky you are – not just to have a job, but to have a job you love in a company that, according to its peers, is among the top ten of its kind in the UK.

It’s even easier to take for granted how lucky you are to have a boss that is not only inspiring in her determination to change the world one bit at a time, but also a bloody nice person, too.


We are sometimes guilty of that at Spring. We could be working for a Brent-esque buffoon, or a despotic ruler who demands to be addressed as “Lord” and who sets tasks designed to humiliate us (why would anyone ever go on The Apprentice?) – but we’re not. We’re working for Erika Clegg, one of the most respected people in the UK design industry; a woman who built Spring into a top ten peer-reviewed agency in just seven years, whose passion for creative boundary-pushing is infectious, and who, as of today, is officially one of the most influential people in Suffolk – and it’s about time we stopped taking that for granted.

So today the Springers are saying well done, Erika. Well done for building Spring into the amazing agency it is, well done for gaining the respect of the UK design industry, and well done for being recognized as one of Suffolk’s 100 most influential people – you really deserve it.

(And thanks for not making us call you Lady Clegg.)

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