Two miles off the coast of Great Yarmouth there’s a sand island that is home to thousands of seals and a cluster of wind turbines. This summer I took a trip out there on Southwold’s Coastal Voyager. It’s exciting to see the land from the sea – Southwold, of course, looks enormously pretty and self-contained, […]

Erika Clegg
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From time to time, we invite a person we admire, from any walk of life, to come and have lunch with us and talk about their experiences. Yesterday we welcomed Peter Wilson MBE to the Spring studio as he became the latest of our Spring Heroes.   Until last December, Peter was CEO of Norwich […]

Richard Revell
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It’s around this time of year that Southwold and the surrounding area pick up an extra buzz. People from around the country pour in for Latitude, one of the most popular festivals in the UK. It’s held on the Henham Estate, just four miles from Southwold and close enough for us to hear a kick drum […]

The Springers
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  To validate my third year of studies in Information and Communication and to get my diploma from the French university Savoie Mont Blanc, I was required to do a thirteen week internship in a foreign country. The main purpose of this internship was to implement the skills and knowledge gained during my course so […]

Richard Revell
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. We are excited to introduce our two newest Springers, Toby Essex and Maddy Adey, who have both joined us in the last two weeks. Toby has joined as PA to company founders Erika Clegg and Simon Hazelgrove. Having grown up in Ipswich, Toby went on to complete an art foundation degree at University Campus […]

Maddy Adey
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