For the last few months, we have been reshaping Spring to field, in the words of Ken Segal, “small groups of smart people”. It’s allowing me to realise my vision of Spring as a true industry disruptor: a thing of extraordinary and unexpected brilliance, often popping up in equally extraordinary and unexpected places. Lead by […]

Erika Clegg
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When the first website launched in 1991 I was four years old and shoving Lego up my nose. I was 14 when we had our first internet capable computer at home with its 56k modem that struggled to load images, download files or do anything other than send an email, and no one could use […]

George Bennett
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  Spring founder Erika Clegg was one of several industry leaders recently approached by Design Week to share their most difficult experiences with clients, and – more importantly – how they overcame them.   Ryan Jones from Sea Design recalled a time when a drunk photographer wreaked havoc on their first photoshoot with a global […]

The Springers
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Last week’s PR Week article by Marshall Manson, UK CEO of Ogilvy PR, urged his staff to leave its “ivory towers” and connect with Britain outside the M25. This comes as a result of the divisions in society demonstrated by the US presidential vote and Brexit referendum, and presents an excellent opportunity for agencies like […]

Lena O'Shea
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. We are excited to introduce our two newest Springers, Toby Essex and Maddy Adey, who have both joined us in the last two weeks. Toby has joined as PA to company founders Erika Clegg and Simon Hazelgrove. Having grown up in Ipswich, Toby went on to complete an art foundation degree at University Campus […]

The Springers
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