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For the past three years, Spring has been looking for a new headquarters suitable for our size and potential.

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Over that time, we have had four false starts – not bad, to have four times found a property that is big enough and has the right profile for our business – but for various reasons these have none of them worked out. The fourth, a wonderful landmark property, has just sadly come to nothing after a few months of exploration and negotiations.

So why, you might ask, don’t we just leave Southwold? We could set up in any number of fabulous barn conversions or stable blocks in the beautiful Suffolk countryside. Take on something modern and flexible on a business park. Build a huge glass box in a field.

But this is Spring’s commitment: we are a Southwold business and that’s what we will remain.

Southwold may well not be set up to house a business like Spring with ease, but it’s certainly the perfect location for creative vision, focused thinking and fresh air to clear the mind. It fits our brand character and is a huge part of our DNA.

It’s not easy to be a pioneer, and I wholeheartedly believe that’s what we are.

The future of our industry and of large swathes of Britain’s growing economy lies in places like this, as work and home increasingly blend, industry becomes more and more globalised and 24/7, employers develop greater consciousness of quality of life for their staff and infrastructure to the regions improves.

Our relationship with Southwold is symbiotic. We bring employees and their families to the town and its surroundings. We donate a great deal of work to town charities and events. In our small way I believe that we have a good impact on the reputation of our much loved home town. And – one of the main reasons we are here – we help to secure the future of Southwold as a sustainable community.

And we get so much back in return. Our staff can swim at lunchtime in the summer. We are inspired by the light and the landscape. We rejoice in the friendliness of our fellow townspeople. We meet the most interesting holidaymakers. Wherever our clients are based, the work we do for them benefits from the quality of our environment. It is a real and rare privilege to be able to work in this special place.


So, the hunt goes on. If you happen to know a 2,500+ sq ft property we can buy or lease, or land on which we can build, please contact me. We are very willing to think laterally. And as you know: it must be in Southwold.


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