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Spring has created the brand identity for Arctic Gurkha, the expedition in aid of Help for Heroes and the Gurkha Welfare Trust.

Arctic Gurkha logo

About the Gurkhas

The regiment was formed in 1815 after an infamous battle where local fighters managed to fend off the British units trying to annex Nepal as part of the British Empire. Having been rightly impressed by the fierce fighters they encountered, the British Army eventually persuaded the Nepalese to join them and so the Brigade of Gurkhas was born.

The Gurkhas are still known to be one of the toughest regiments in the British Army. Soldiers are recruited in Nepal while officers are recruited from the UK and Commonwealth. The selection process for soldiers in Nepal typically sees 30 men apply for each place, undergoing a series of arduous tests – imagine getting an rattan basket, filling it with 25kgs of rocks, strapping it to you and running 5km uphill – being timed… with 29 men fighting just as hard for your spot. That’s the Doko Race!

The typical Gurkha recruit comes from the foothills of the Himalayas. They swear allegiance to the Queen and are sent on what is very likely to be the first plane ride of their life, to the UK where they undergo basic training at Catterick. As part of their training, they go through English language classes and are introduced to new skills – for example how to set up a bank account. Gurkha officers are also expected to learn Nepali and are required to complete extensive language and cultural training.

Given the culture of the Nepalese and their distinctive heritage, the Gurkha regiment can be said to be very different to any other unit in the British Army. There is an enormous respect from the officers for the soldiers. The regiment upholds the important traditions of their Nepalese troops, marking religious and national festivals and of course being characterised by the Kukri, which we have incorporated in the logo.

About Arctic Gurkha

Expedition Arctic Gurkha will see Gurkha officer Jon Armstrong lead three other Gurkhas around Ellesmere Island by kayak, in a target time of a hundred days.

Ellesmere island

The Expedition is a world record breaking attempt and generously supported by the current world record holders (and first team to complete the circumnavigation) and will raise funds for the Gurkha Welfare Trust and Help For Heroes.

The Expedition will take place between May & August 2015, giving the team fifteen months to prepare. In the meantime, real life continues – Jon has been deployed to head up the flood relief operations in Chertsey and next week, is leaving for Kenya.

About the identity

Spring has donated this brand identity in support of the expedition. It is designed by Lynton Wall-Palmer with input from Erika Clegg and George Bennett, and depicts a kayaker set against the mountainous backdrop of Ellesmere island. This shape derived from the negative space within the Gurkha crest, formed from the crossed kukri.

The identity is deliberately clean and quite simple, to facilitate use across a range of media, including kit. We have developed applications for a range of sizes, with smaller applications losing the kukri crest for enhanced visibility of the text.

Spring is proud to support this brave mission in support of a very good cause, and looks forward to continued input over the next year or so.

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