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Building on our fantastic work with DanceEast, Spring recently completed a brand new website for the National Centres in Advance Training in Dance (CATs).


The CAT scheme, funded by the Department for Education, provides gifted young dancers the opportunity to benefit from world-class professional training without having to relocate. The network covers the entire country, so students never have to travel too far to attend.

When Spring started working with the network, they were all unanimously unimpressed with their existing website. They felt it was outdated, unambitious, and most alarmingly, uninspiring. Spring was tasked with creating an exciting, easily navigable site that would communicate the quality of the CATs, and most importantly, allow current students to share their experiences of life as a CAT.

Lynton, the designer who worked on the project said: “We were pretty much given free reign on this project, there were no limitations other than to ‘make it inspirational’, if you can call that a limitation! Fortunately the CAT network has some incredible photography, so this wasn’t a challenge. The new design uses a fully responsive, contemporary layout and colour scheme – it’s purposefully minimalist, allowing the photography to shine through, but still leaves the important information readily available. A subtle use of animation and parallax scrolling add another level to the user experience without affecting the usability of the site.”

We’re proud to give the National Dance CATs a website that represents their world-class, professional offer, and we can’t wait to see how it helps them advocate for future projects, as well as recruit the country’s finest young dancers.

Take a look at the website here: https://www.nationaldancecats.co.uk

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