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An article published today in Marketing Week has highlighted the opportunities that brands could open themselves up to by recognising regional differences across the UK, instead of focusing solely on the habits of Londoners.


The article, entitled ‘How to avoid getting stuck in the London bubble’, points out the implications that factors such as the Brexit vote have had, and will have, on the marketing industry.

In the article, director of Real World Insight at MediaCom Pauline Robson says: “We do sometimes live in this London bubble where we forget that there are lots of other things going on outside of the M25. We have moved away from thinking about things from a regional perspective. It’s really important that we reconnect with the rest of the country and understand how people’s lives play out across the UK.”

It’s for exactly this reason that Spring has launched a nationwide network of regionally-headquartered communications agencies, The Hyperlocal Everywhere Network. The agencies’ understanding of the communities on their patch, the hopes and fears of people in the regions, is invaluable to tap into opinion outside the cities. Political changes have demonstrated the disconnect between capital and country – but even before Brexit, government itself had identified that “Trust in brand messaging increases when delivered in a local context” (as seen in the Government Communications Plan 2016/2017). Times have changed – so must we all.

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