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We’re all for introducing things to people. We’re about knowing what makes those people tick, what enhances their lives and their sense of self.

So tell me why we take a step back from people and talk about consumers? Why we don’t get to know them, but instead segment them.

That’s right, like oranges.

What is a consumer? A mindless imbiber of stuff. Guzzling, glugging and gallumphing its way through a life dictated by brand messages.


And it gets worse. Websites and social media don’t even reach as high as a consumer. They have users. We talk of user experiences, user journeys and ‘what users want’.

But this is about people!

Real, living people who cry when they get angry, have tickly feet and laugh at cat memes.

People who won’t admit that they’re scared of birds’ wings, who still fancy Kylie, who like marmite with their scrambled eggs.

People who don’t quite know what their aspirations are, who struggle with long division, who wish they’d bought the red car instead.

I’m banning the use of words like consumer, user, target. I’m grounding everyone in people: in method marketing, in really understanding who we’re trying to reach.

This business is about Pete mulling over his career on the bus, Sarah self-aware in her too-tight waistband, Jake and Millie’s shy-ly budding romance. Let’s remember that.

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