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Spring has decided that, for our own marketing, we’re responding to GDPR by clearing our marketing database entirely.

Red axe - isolatedFresh water in a miniature metal bucketDynamite
Why? Because we want to share news and information that’s handpicked for our clients and friends, by the people at Spring who know them best. And that’s what we’ll carry on doing. Our focus is on understanding our own customers and their needs – just as we help them to do – and so now’s the time to really put that into action.
Of course, we’ve still got news to share, and we’d love to do so. If you’re interested in hearing what we’re up to, let us know and we’ll ensure you receive our half-yearly Spring newspaper and the occasional newsy email too.
But for now it’s bye-bye database. The only question is – do we use the axe, the dynamite or the bucket of water? *
*The answer of course is none, all our data is destroyed securely on site in accordance with best practice guidelines
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