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This week’s Design Week vox pop asks designers to talk about their favourite Olympic brand identity. Erika’s swimming against the tide by not having one.

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“Recent Olympic identities have been technicolour camels and so, frustratingly, I can’t say I like any of them – never mind having a favourite.

There was a three-decade run of good work between 52’s elegant Helsinki and 80’s bold Moscow: Montreal, Munich and Mexico stand out (maybe it’s an M thing). Tokyo 64, too – ironic given the situation with their 2020 identity – with a clear icon and two-colour palette.

Why is it that for those 30 years there was a sense of purpose and craft, but not since? Every time a new logo comes out, we complain that it is clearly the result of a committee. Perhaps we should tackle this, and give Olympic brand design the opportunity to be celebrated as much as sportmanship.”


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