Whatever is happening in our High Streets, it’s happening at an exponential rate. But it is the end, or the start of something new? Up and down the country, High Street shops are closing. Internet spend has risen to an average of nearly £5,000 per person. Household names have overinvested in property, underinvested in digital, […]

Erika Clegg
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Last night a special event supported by Spring was held in Ipswich to encourage Suffolk businesses to put themselves forward for the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. These awards are designed to recognise and encourage outstanding achievements in five categories: Innovation, International Trade, Sustainable Development and Promoting Opportunity through social mobility. They are the most prestigious […]

The Springers
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The West Midlands has just been selected as the UK’s first 5G area, testing the viability of the new technology and exploring the potential it brings. The next stage in mobile internet is 5G, and it’s coming soon, bringing with it plenty of hype and unprecedented speeds for accessing the internet on the go. The […]

Richard Revell
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