If I asked you to draw an alien, what would you draw? Have a go now before you read on. It doesn’t have to be a work of art, just spend a minute or two doodling. Where did you start? It had to have eyes right? And some kind of head. And legs, a few […]

The Springers
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Spring’s My Southwold brand, and the team of volunteers responsible for deploying it, are being held up as an example for other towns to follow.   The My Southwold team was set up to manage the £10,000 Portas grant received at the end of 2012 and since then it has been working on a range […]

Erika Clegg
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It is with great joy that I can now tell you that Spring has been awarded the contract to promote cultural tourism in Norfolk and Suffolk for the next three years. Spring has been working with tourism and arts in Norfolk and Suffolk since we launched eight years ago. Our client list and projects include […]

Erika Clegg
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