Norwich’s literati gathered for the launch of a new campaign highlighting its place as a City of Stories. This exciting campaign is produced by Spring following a joint brief from VisitNorwich and Norwich BID. It’s now unfolding in 12 chapters over the next three months, with eclectic mix of stories from the city recounted in […]

Erika Clegg
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Priming is a subconscious form of memory. It occurs when an environmental cue, such as a picture of Albert Einstein, elicits a memory or representation in your mind before carrying out a task, such as a science test. In this example it is very likely that you would have performed better in the test after […]

The Springers
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I’m Nikki Berry, senior account manager at Spring, and I recently attended a DBA event focusing on the purpose of strategy in design. The discussion was kick-started by a range of industry leaders including Mike Dempsey of Studio Dempsey and Carol Whitworth of Home. One speaker who really got me thinking was Ian Wood of […]

The Springers
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